Who am I ?

Hi, I am Kanika Prajapat. Born and brought up in a small city, Churu in Rajasthan, I later graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and now run a start up, Kriya Labs.

What am I doing here ?

This website doubles as my photography portfolio and a blog about climate change. My plan before the pandemic was to venture into photography, specifically environmental photography, as I love to explore the various climate challenges, and document through photographs, but since traveling is far fetched now, I’m exploring it all through internet and documenting here, in the Climate Quests blog.

If in future I’ll feel the need to bifurcate the portfolio and blog, I’ll set up another site for the blog.

Contact me

If there’s any issue with the blog content or any instance of false information that you identify, please please let me know immediately. I’ve written please twice, because I really don’t want to be the one spreading false information. Also any sort of feedback, suggestion or opportunity is welcomed. I can be reached out at kanikaprajapat7@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Instagram and connect on LinkedIn.

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