Degrowth: Adbusters Style

Unleashing the Power of Degrowth: An Adbusters-Style Take on Redefining Progress and Challenging the Status Quo

Check out this thought-provoking article on Degrowth written in the style of the iconic magazine Adbusters! The piece, written by three students of the Autonomous University of Barcelona as an assignment for the Masters on Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy, delves into the problems of our growth-obsessed society and explores the possibilities of a new way forward. And while the photos may not be owned by us, we hope they inspire you to question the status quo and imagine a better world.

Art credits

Page 1-34: "Infinite City", photograph by baidongyun. Url:

Page 2-3: “Harbinger of Late Winter Day's Dusk”, painting by Jave Yoshimoto. Url:
Page 4-5: “Financial crisis”, painting by Leon Zernitsky. Url:
Page 6-7:
Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels. Url:
Photo by Theevening from Dreamstime. Url:
Page 8-9: Cover of the EP ‘THE INFINITE GROWTH PARADIGM VS FINITE RESOURCES’ by Codex Alimentarius Url:
Page 10-11: Illustration by Joan Wong for Foreign Policy / AD: Lori Kelley. Url:
Page 12-13: Poster of the “Marche pour la décroissance”. Url:
Page 14-15: Photo by Kamiel79 on Pixabay. Url:
Page 16-17: Collage illustration for the magazine LESS– The journal of Degrowth in Scotland by Pearse O'Halloran. Url:
Page 18-19: 
Illustration by Till Lauer for The New Yorker. Url:
Photography by the Krasny collective. Url:
Page 20-21: Illustration by Antoine Doré for the Nouvel OBS. Url:
Page 22-23: Illustration by Fred Tomaselli. Url:
Page 24-25: Photography by Mitchell Joachim. Url:
Page 26-27: Photography by Nicole Dextras. Url:
Page 28-29: Illustration by John Holcroft. Url:
Page 30-31: Illustration from Url:
Page 32-33: Picture by Marija Marković