Wildlife on Wires

Are you of the opinion that wildlife can only be enjoyed in exotic locations such as national parks, sanctuaries, or protected forests?

It's been about a year since I've been trapped at home due to a global pandemic sweeping the planet in waves. Though I acknowledge how lucky I'm to be among those who survived the deadly disaster, and probably shouldn't complain much, I do miss the company of my friends and frequent travel getaways mostly to the Himalayas for trekking and breathtaking natural scenery.

But if there's one thing that being stuck in a place has done to me, it'd be the heightening of my senses to enjoy whatever sliver of beauty that still remains around me. Right from the rooftop of my home in Jaipur, I've managed to identify 30 different species of birds hanging out at the electricity pole and captured their daily activities.  

Wildlife is often associated with far away, hard-to-reach lands, surrounded by dense forest and perhaps a river flowing around, where people go only for leisure and vacations. In my experience, that statement doesn't hold much truth in it anymore.

Birds in the cities are so overlooked, almost as if they didn't exist. The busy and ambitious city life has made us ignorant of these beautiful creatures, filling our surrounding with life. Sitting on electric wires, playing in the trees, eating through our trash, filling the air with chirping, flying from one roof to the other, trying to build a home wherever they find a corner, these birds are the living proof that wildlife is right next to us, only if we put in the time to listen and look, closely.